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Dr. Luis Gallego

Dr Luis Gallego
The occurrence of an injury or pain can determine our lives, limiting our ability to move forward with our work, or may prevent us from playing that hobby or sport that so much fills us. Sometimes not even let us perform normally our most basic activity or darkens the ability to enjoy our loved ones.
The human body is the most wonderful and complex machine that exists, and treatment of diseases and injuries that damage the musculoskeletal system is based on an accurate functional recovery. With the recent development of technological advances, surgery has become an increasingly complex act that requires the intervention of highly qualified professionals.
I, Luis Gallego, in collaboration with other physicians developping their activity specifically in each field, physiotherapists and specialized personnel, promise to use all means necessary to evaluate and treat your ailment, paying all my dedication and support on personalized attention, and to evaluate all diagnostic and therapeutic possibilities, giving an honest and accurate solution to your problem, as always expand my training, updating my knowledge and skills to use the most advanced and effective treatment techniques in order to let you to return to your work or sports activities and get your life back as quickly and successfully as possible.
As the old saying goes: «If you fall down seven times, get up eight.»
Do not let anything stop you.

Dr Luis Gallego

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Recent studies show that hip osteoarthritis is related with cariovascular disease, so hip replacement could be the solution for keeping many people active and healthy…

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